Mehmet M. Gençoğlu, Founding Partner

The profession of law is no ordinary profession. Acquiring a profession to defend somebody’s right, is to be able to see the problems of others as a priority to his/her own, together with the thought of spreading justice rather than striving for livelihood by acquiring a basic field of study. Only those who act in this sense can be the defenders of justice in real means. Here, the people of Gençoğlu Partners Law Offices, are those who serve solely in this respect.


Gençoğlu Partners Law Offices is an innovative, client-driven firm, missioned to providing global litigation and legal consultancy services in accordance with international standards of quality and excellence, for both its local and international clientele.

Despite being a very young Firm, with its dynamic and expert team of attorney’s, each of whom is leaders in their fields, Gençoğlu Partners has already expanded its services to a wide range of areas regarding corporate counselling and litigation, and international transaction matters.

Gençoğlu Partners is based in Istanbul and has offices in Paris, Moscow, São Paulo and Rotterdam. Thus, the Firm is able to offer its local clientele legal assistance in foreign jurisdictions.


Gençoğlu Partners is structured under two main working models:

  1. Providing litigation and consultancy services under the jurisdiction of the country in which the Offices of Gençoğlu Partners is located. Each Office, in which is bound to Gençoğlu Partners, operates under consultancy and litigation sub-divisions.
  2. Providing consultancy services to foreign clientele in which is engaged in international business with Turkey; and providing consultancy services to Turkish clientele in which is engaged in international business with Russia, Brazil, France, Netherlands and Australia.


Gençoğlu Partners strives to developing strategic partnerships with its clientele. Our goal is to provide beyond perfect counselling, based on responsiveness and strategical & immediate action. As a young but yet an ever-growing Firm, Gençoğlu Partners aims to globalise and provide litigation and consultancy services in all fields of law, under each jurisdiction of all countries, and for all foreign clients in which is engaged in international business with any country.

Our ability lies behind a young but dynamic team of attorney’s and solution partners, each of whom strive to serve our clients before a broad business approach to developing solutions to any legal matter.