Alongside matters regarding to the fields and areas of law mentioned under the list of services we provide, Gençoğlu Partners strives to reach out to all fields of law at its clients’ interest and request. In this scope, Gençoğlu Partners provides counseling services such as issuing brief legal reports, representing its clients’ in local courts and arbitration, managing negotiations and drafting contract etc. in the following fields of law:

  • Aviation Law,
  • Investment Law,
  • International Civil Procedure,
  • Zoning Law,
  • Energy Law,
  • Maritime Law,
  • Medicine Law,
  • Consumer & Consumer Aviation Law,
  • Immigration & Nationality,
  • Sports & Entertainment Law.

Gençoğlu Partners has provided services to its clients relating to the above-listed specific fields of law however, its services are not limited to the ones mentioned above. Gençoğlu Partners’ young, dedicated and expert team of attorney’s is able to handle a wide range of consultancy services regarding to different fields and areas of law.

If you think your legal matter does not fit any category under our services listed; or for references and further details regarding our services, please contact