Gençoğlu Partners has a significant experience in labor law matters and is well known for its preventive counseling services. We provide our clients on a wide range of labor matters including but not limited to the following:

  • Drafting of employment contracts and the adoption of foreign employment contracts under the local labor law of many jurisdictions, including but not limited to Turkey, Europe, Russia, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand;
  • Drafting of workplace regulations and directives review;
  • Human resources management consulting;
  • Handling the termination procedures of labor contracts including but not limited to mediation and reemployment lawsuits, termination compensation claims, overtime payment claims.
  • Representing clients in labor law related disputes in connection with labor law litigations;
  • Day-to-day counseling and management of in-house employment law related matters;
  • Offering in-house training services, i.e. workshops and seminars, to clients regarding labor law related matters.