Gençoğlu Partners provides its clients with its services under any legal matter concerning family and inheritance law issues, including but not limited to the following:


Family Law:

  • Representing its clients before local family courts regarding uncontested and contested divorce suit litigations, material and moral damages arising from disengagement, division of property actions, alimony cases, guardianship and actions for care and protection and child abduction cases.
  • Handling adoption proceedings;
  • Managing proceedings regarding the recognition and enforcement of divorce decisions of foreign courts.


Inheritance Law:

  • Handling the procedure to obtaining the certificate of inheritance;
  • Advice and drafting of testaments and inheritance contracts, alongside with the drafting of the agreement on renunciation of the inheritance;
  • Cancellation of testaments;
  • Conducting inheritance and succession proceedings;
  • Cancellation of transactions;
  • Determination of heritage;
  • Representing its clients before local courts in actions for reduction, actions on the annulment of certificate of inheritance and actions for renunciation of the inheritance.