National and international transactions come with its pros and cons; Gençoğlu Partners undertakes the cons of commerce leaving alone the pros for its clients to benefit.

Accordingly, Gençoğlu Partners acts as a partner to its clients by all means; providing legal counseling concerning strategic business operations with a business perspective, creativity and ability to negotiate in the application of the law. Our Corporate Team offers strategic advisory and unique solutions to its clients regarding any operation in which our client is intended to take.

Herewith, the Corporate Team of Gençoğlu Partners provides services under the following fields and areas of law:

  • Corporate Law,
  • Startup & Incorporation,
  • Contracts Law,
  • Competition Law,
  • Mergers & Acquisitions,
  • Bankruptcy & Reorganization.


General Corporate

Gençoğlu Partners provides guidance necessary to respond to operational needs of its clients especially in today’s innovative demanding business atmosphere. Our Corporate Team advises its clients during all phases of a business transaction including but not limited to the following:

  • Conducting general assembly meetings;
  • Drafting of corporate documents such as articles of association, by-laws, agreements, powers of attorney etc.;
  • Serving as legal counsel in ongoing internal corporate matters;
  • Representing clients in business transactions;
  • Due diligence services and drafting of research papers;
  • Implementing and incorporating global internal procedures into local regulations of specific jurisdictions such as Turkey, Russia, Brazil, France, The Netherlands etc.



Gençoğlu Partners’ Corporate Team is well-equipped to handle all operations regarding the establishing of your corporation. Our team is eligible to serve our clients with both turn-key services or vise versa. Our incorporation services include the following:

  • Advisory counseling pre-incorporation: detailed market research & memorandum, location identification etc.;
  • Introduction of the procedure and documents needed to establish corporations, the reviewing of all documents including attachments that the company has to prepare etc.;
  • Filings with government authorities and banks;
  • Drafting of company formation documents, including but not limited to Articles of Incorporation, Foreign investment Report and By-Laws etc. in different languages including English, Turkish, Russian, French and Portuguese;
  • Handling real estate issues and drafting all contracts required during the phase of operation;
  • Representing its clients, in their capacity as partners and/or shareholders;
  • Advisory counseling post-incorporation: Gençoğlu Partners acts as a business consultant when it comes to commerce matters; and supports its clients’ entry into the local market in which the client may not be familiar to. Accordingly, our expert team introduces it clients to local certified public accountants and tax advisors, virtual office space providers etc.



Alongside general corporate and incorporation, we treat startup as a specialized field as it is the new era of the “Wild West” to entrepreneurs and investors. A startup will require a team deeply specialized in the startup field; therefore, Gençoğlu Partners’ expert Startup Team strives to be the outsourced in-house counsel for startups and emerging companies and serves its clients with most precision by understanding their business and future objectives.

Gençoğlu Partners’ Startup Team provides startup investors the following services:

  • Consultancy services in becoming an accredited angel investor;
  • Consultancy services in establishing a venture capital;
  • Market research;
  • Investment management.

Gençoğlu Partners’ Startup Team provides startup entrepreneurs the following services:

  • Project management consultation (name, type and place of incorporation etc. – company structure and incorporation);
  • Market research;
  • Funding management including but not limited to crowdfunding and negotiations with angel investors, venture capital funds and other institutional investors;
  • Intellectual property registration & protection;
  • Drafting of contracts including but not limited to Articles of Incorporation, Employee Agreements, Rental Agreements etc.;
  • Introduction to local certified public accountants and tax advisors, virtual office space providers etc.


Contracts Law

Contracts are a substantial part of business transactions and Gençoğlu Partners is well aware of its significancy when it comes to operating a business effectively in the local and international environment of commerce.

In this regard, our Corporate Team is able to draft, update, terminate and advise on a wide scope of local and international contracts, including but not limited to the following:

  • Sales Agreements,
  • License Agreements,
  • Confidentiality Agreements,
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements,
  • Advertising Agreements,
  • Services Agreements,
  • Consultancy Agreements,
  • Facility Management Agreements,
  • Profit Sharing Agreements,
  • Rental Contracts,
  • Mixed Contracts,
  • Contracts of Associations.