Gençoğlu Partners Law Offices provides services for its local and multinational clients -in many jurisdictions- including but not limited to; Turkey, Europe, Russia, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand.

All Offices & Member Firms of Gençoğlu Partners provides the below mentioned services under the principle of the rule of law. We seek justice and aim to protect the rights of our clients, under superior sensitivity.

It is important to note that the field and area of law has a very wide scope and therefore, our services are not limited to the ones listed below. Additionally, the scope of our services may differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

In such case where you think your legal matter does not meet any below mentioned category or for references and further details regarding our services, please contact

Litigation & Arbitration

Corporate & Commercial Law

Real Estate Law

Tax & Customs Law

Banking & Finance Law

Administrative and Regulatory Law

Intellectual Property & Trademark Law

Data Protection & Privacy Law

Labor and Employment

Family & Inheritance Law

Enforcement, Insolvency & Bankruptcy

Criminal Law

Other Services


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