Managing Partner Mehmet Gençoğlu speaks at the “Arbitration and Istanbul Arbitration Centre Rules” Event.

It has been just so recent since the rules of the Istanbul Arbitration Centre (“ISTAC”) had entered into force (26 October 2015); but yet, already acknowledged by many private and public institutions all around the Globe! Hereby, and in collaboration with ISTAC, the Moot Court Society of Ankara University (the “Society”) organised the “Arbitration and Istanbul Arbitration Centre Rules” Conference, on the 14th of March 2018, at the Faculty of Law, Ankara University. Within this scope, Mr. Şeref Can Arat, Mr. Gürhan Aydın and Mr. Nazım Can Işıktaç, each admitted within the Istanbul Bar and a member of the executive committee of Young ISTAC, spoke respectively about arbitration, ISTAC and its Rules and arbitration clauses, to the audience of approximate 300.

After the opening speech of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Süleyman Yılmaz, the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law, Ankara University, Managing Partner Mehmet Gençoğlu briefly spoke on the activities the Society had to offer the students, as the founder of the Society. He proudly shared his appreciation and blessings to all the members (of the Society), for their ambition, generosity and effort they had put in to making the Society a place where students had the chance to prepare themselves for their future professional life in advance.

Moreover, Mr. Gençoğlu also spoke about the evolution of arbitration, from 2,500 BCE to the 21st century, especially through advances in information technology. Mr. Gençoğlu shared his thoughts on arbitration, as being some sort of tool to assist district courts, by means of the distribution of justice and the settling of disputes by judicial means. In that sense, he underlined its benefits based on solid statistical reports of globally renowned institutions.

Nonetheless, Mr. Gençoğlu pointed out the important roles of ISTAC and Young ISTAC, as they play an important role in serving to increase the awareness of arbitration and its application rate in Turkey.

The Conference successfully ended with questions and answers, and as Gençoğlu Partners Law Offices, we greatly thank Young ISTAC and the Moot Court Society for their courteous invite and an amazing organization. We also thank everybody who participated to the event for their great contribution.


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