Managing Partner Mehmet Gençoğlu was awarded an appreciation plaque for his visit and speech at the Case File Readings Activity, organised by the Moot Court Society at the Faculty of Law, Ankara University.
On the 21st of December 2017, Mehmet Gençoğlu, as the founding president of the Moot Court Society, visited the Faculty of Law, Ankara University in regard to the Moot Court Society Board’s invitation for a speech upon a supreme court award regarding the calculation of loss of profit. Gençoğlu spoke on the loss of profit, and its calculations in business transactions, specifically in the field of rental law. He urged upon the importance of the lessors “reasonable time” to finding a new tenant in regard to unjust termination, per Turkish case law. Nonetheless, he also answered students questions upon the internship program of the Union of Turkish Bar Associations and pointed out the importance of legal practice during undergraduate education.
After the event, Gençoğlu met with the members of the Moot Court Society Board and received information from the students about their future events; and in respect, exchanged ideas with them.


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