Current developments in the world of Blockchain have been addressed!

Our Partners Mehmet Gençoğlu and Emir Bayramoğlu met with the General Director of BM Sigortam Company, Mehmet Keskin, in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

At the meeting, which was held at the headquarters of the BM Sigortam Company, Mehmet Keskin informed our Partners about the functioning of the insurance law in the Netherlands, while the developments in the cryptocurrency world and cryptocurrency investments in the Netherlands were discussed. Later, our Partners shared information and thoughts about Blockchain Law and ICO (Initial Coin Offering), with Mehmet Keskin.

The agenda of the meeting was the projects and investments scheduled to make international the yet released Turkey’s local cryptocurrency. In this regard, Mehmet Keskin and our Partners have scheduled business plans, at the end of a two-hour meeting, for the first steps of a new project.


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